Love Coupons (Digital print)


A romantic, thoughtful, spontaneous and adventurous gift for the one you love.
Note: This is a digital copy of the Love Coupon book.


  • Print them out (you can just send your loved one the PDF, but you'll lose Romantic points for that, so we don't recommend it.)
  • Cut out the coupons you like, or the ones you think your loved one would enjoy the most.
  • Assemble your coupon book the best way you know how - Staple it, glue it, bind it, bite it, smash it. For the extra crafty people out there, hole punch it, and put thread through it. Put it in an envelope, seal it with a sticker and a kiss. ;) Just lovely.
  • Customize it for bonus points! Sparkles, stickers, glue on some stars and hearts! Draw pictures on each coupon so it reflects your loved ones preferences, and write in some funny lines or inside jokes! :) Cut the corners of the paper for an added touch.

This digital download PDF comes complete with several cover designs to choose from, fun intro pages for you to customize (including space for writing, doodles or poems, and of course the coupons! There are also blank coupons for you to create your own ideas, and also some for your loved ones to fill in! Beware though, those ones can be dangerous! ;)

Scientific research has proven that this product is guaranteed to spice things up in your love life, and increase the romantic factor by 3000%!!!* What a great deal for only $3!!! :D


*Not actually scientifically proven to increase the romantic factor by 3000%