About Us


To deliver as much kindness and love around the world as humanly possible while inspiring people to do the same! :D How do we do this? By volunteering our time to people and the community, doing good deeds daily, through our fun and unique products, and sharing inspirational stories/quotes of kindness on our social pages.

There are opportunities for us to be kind everywhere! Help someone with their groceries, change a flat tire, reunite a lost child, help a homeless person who needs a blanket and a hot meal etc. We have the chance to help at every turn. So let's get our butts out there, work together, and make this world a better place!! Whadaya say??? :D Yeah!!! We knew you would be down to make a positive change! ;)



Deedtags has been in development for several years by creator/artist Jonathan Calleri. Because of the complexity of the idea (including many elements such as app development, the book, graphic design/art, merchandise, planning and R&D), and a limited budget, it has been a challenging, yet exciting journey. 



Currently, we have the book/journal of 100 good deeds and the smartphone app with over 160 good deeds (and growing). These are great resources for teenagers and adults to find some fun and interesting good deed challenges, however, we didn't have anything tailored for the little ones. So we created "My deck of Good Deeds". It's a deck of cards, but instead of playing cards, they are challenge cards with fun Good Deeds to do. Shuffle the deck, pick a card, do a good deed, then pass the card on for someone else to complete. It's a great way to teach kids to be compassionate leaders of tomorrow! :D

Just like our book and app, the challenges vary in difficulty. Simple challenges include holding a door open for someone, or share your lunch with someone at school who forgot theirs, whereas a more challenging Good Deed would require more time, creativity and possibly the help of friends or a parent(s). Like, make a scrapbook of memories for a friend or relative. Also, like the book and app, there are awards to be earned. There are 3 award cards in the deck to earn. The Deck of Good Deeds is great for kids, and adults too!

We launched a Kickstarter project in December 2014 to raise the funds needed to produce these cards. With the help of friends, family, and strangers all over the world, we were able to reach our goal! The decks, produced by USPC (Leader in Premium playing cards), are now available in our store! We also have a digital edition that you can purchase for a fraction of the cost (some cutting and glue work required).



Great question! We currently have several new ideas and products that we want to release, but first, we will be launching another Kickstarter project to raise funds to produce more books. Our book of 100 Good Deeds is currently sold out, and we need your help to produce a new batch! We want to produce a large order of books, so we can bring down the cost per unit and make it affordable for everyone to enjoy. Check back later for details. We are planning to launch this campaign this month, and would really appreciate your support. :)