First Post on the re-designed!!! Weeeeeeee!!!! June 15 2014

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new website!!

We rebuilt our website to be more kind to it's users. Really! That's why! :D Completely re-built from the ground up, our new website is cleaner, kinder and funner! :D

Why? We received several emails from some fans and visitors, who shared some awesome suggestions with us. You spoke! We listened! Brand new site with the key features and suggestions you mentioned!!! :D

Now it was a lot of work, so no more suggestions for the next few months please....LOL I'm kidding!! Right! I'm kidding!!! Please email us with any ideas, feedback, good deed stories, or even just to say hi! :D Contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you! :D


Have a great day/evening!!

Love Each Day,